Sunday, March 6, 2011

Goddesses are women too

This area of my body, umm, demanded a lot of attention today, so I thought I might as well put it front and center.  I'm pretty sure there are only women reading this blog, so hopefully no one minds a post about menstruation (it was bound to happen at some point during these 365 days).  Aside from the obvious physical discomfort, I don't actually mind it all that much any more, and I've been introduced to another way of looking at this process lately that makes sense to me and just supports my belief in letting natural processes be natural (my husband could not understand why I hated birth control so much, I just kept telling him, "I don't feel human when I'm taking it!" and he would look at me like I'm crazy).  So here's me, in all my crampy, bloated, weepy, irrational glory.  And now begins the gradual climb back to normal, if such a thing exists for a woman, especially this one. 


  1. I'm sorry you are having discomfort but the photo is lovely, goosebumps and all. Have you ever read the Red Tent? Great book on the celebration of women and their time spent together bonding. Maybe Heather will chime in here, but our friend Kelly refers to it as "being on her moon," which I love. Empowering and mystical though the timing is pretty predictable:)

  2. I was just talking with someone a couple of days ago about that book, so I guess I really need to read it now! I love the moon connection too, I think the moon (both in the physical and spiritual sense) has always had a significant affect on me, and I love feeling like I'm part of the same cycle as something so beautiful and powerful.

  3. This is a gorgeous picture (and such a familiar feeling you have described).

    Yeah, Kelly's phrasing of "being on my moon" is such a fitting description. <3

  4. Beautiful photo, Meg. Love Kelly's phrase.

    Goddesses are most definitely women, too.

    Have you ever seen Marty McConnell's Def Poetry performance of "Instructions for a Body"? It used to be on youtube but isn't anymore because of HBO cracking down on copyright infringement. If you haven't seen it and can find it, do. It's her performance that really makes it.