Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Roger's new job

Things are getting a little more serious between Roger and his girlfriend Belle, and so he has decided it is time to put his globe-trotting and dreams of game-show stardom behind him and get a real job.  So, with the help of yours truly, he has landed himself an internship in the IT department of Buchanan Community Schools.  He has a lot of learning to do, he's always been pretty tech savy but needs someone to take him under their wing and show him the ropes (hmm, can I fit any more euphemisms into that sentence?).  Not much pay right now, but if he proves himself he could end up with a good position with great benefits, in a nice little town to raise kids. 

It's amazing what a good woman can do for a man, or in this case, an elephant.  Is this elephant motivated?  Roger That.