Friday, February 11, 2011

On stage

These photos of Josie were taken on the stage at the high school my husband works at.  I was being a little experimental with the light and the flash and I think I like the effect (not so much for "portraits" but for more artsy stuff).  Josie was awesome, I think she belongs on stage, in the photo at the top she actually told me, "I'm going to go sit in the chair and be sad Mommy, and you take my picture, okay?"  Then she would jump of the chair and patter back across the stage to see the picture I took and then run back and to try again.  I'm glad she is not sick of me taking pictures of her yet!


  1. Your daughter is lovely, and how great is it that she loves to pose for you like that! I think the shots are perfect.

  2. that second shot of her in the dark is stunning. frame it!

  3. brilliant chiaro-scuro contrast! and very natural look.