Monday, April 25, 2011

Ceiling tile to the rescue

Well, I worked on something else for awhile this evening, which just didn't turn out at all.  Not sure what to do, I wandered around the house for a bit, and then settled on this old ceiling tile I have hanging on my wall.  Not a very challenging subject, but a decent (and available) plan b.


  1. A lovely plan it be, too.

    What were you working on before this? Inquiring minds want to know. :D

  2. I learned a new pose a couple of weeks ago called "scorpion" that I really love, but was having a hell of a time trying to get a picture of myself doing it. It is another inversion, so the difficulty of getting into the pose before the timer went off was just a bit too much. (By the way, if any of you look up this pose, I definetely CAN'T do the version with the feet on top of the head, I use a wall)

  3. Looking forward to seeing it. I have complete confidence that you'll somehow figure out that mad timer dash to position thing.