Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Ah Shavasana, the pose of poses.  When I first started practicing yoga last summer (wow, has it only been that long?) I thought, "This looks like fun, it's probably healthy for me, I think I'll try it", but after my first Shavasana I was hooked.  Addicted really, I can't go too long without a yoga fix now. 

Have I mentioned yet on this blog that I am going to do be going through a yoga teacher training program this summer?  I can't remember if I have.  Anyway, I'm extremely excited but also very nervous.  Being that I will have only been practicing yoga for about a year when the training rolls around, I'm not sure that I will really pursue any opportunities to teach right away; I feel that I still have a lot to learn.  It will be wonderful to have a strong basis of knowledge from which to build on, but I still feel that there are certain things one can learn only through experience and time.  Plus I feel intimidated by everything "yoga" is (and how even if I spent the rest of my life dedicated to studying yoga I still wouldn't know everything) and want very badly do the tiny piece I would be teaching justice.


  1. This is so great! I love how you (? yes?) are at the top of the shot, and I love how the lines of the rug relate to you and your pose. I also love yoga, although I haven't made a place for it in my life in the last, oh, 18 months or so. (Since the birth of my daughter.) I'd love to do the teacher training some time. That sounds so exciting, and I look forward to hearing more about it!

  2. Thanks Johannah, and yes it is me. I wanted to sort of reverse what I think I would normally do with an image of someone lying on the floor by putting said person at the top of the frame.

    Don't worry about not finding time for yoga, sounds like you've got more important things to do! I feel blessed also that the yoga center I go to teaches more than just the physical practice, so even if I don't get on the mat for a few days I have some other practices I can do where ever whenever. But I do so love the physical part, and try pretty hard to do a least a few minutes everyday.